Sentient Beings

ancient methods applied in a modern world


Description of Services


Interactive Sessions

Your communication will happen during our phone call while you are on the line. You can ask as many questions as time allows on any topic. A question guide can be provided. Recording is included.

Booking 1 session only? Please go to the scheduler to book, pay and fill out the pre-session form. The form is editable up to 4 hours prior to our session. Please plan 30 minutes for the 20 min session call and 50 minutes for the 40 min session call, as up to 10 minutes may be spent discussing the session prior to connection commencement. At our scheduled time, please call me at 720-722-0872 to begin our session.

Booking 1+ sessions for a friend as a gift? Email me here.

Booking the 5-pack? 5 pack may be used as a gift for up to 5 individuals (yes, you may use them as gifts for others). Checkout here to purchase the 5-pack. I will email you privately to schedule the sessions.

20 Min - $69 USD

20 Min 5 pack - $279 USD

40 Min - $119 USD


Written Sessions

Send 2 or 5 questions on any topic for one animal (no "ands" or follow-up questions included). You will receive a written transcript of the communication, which will include the answers to your questions and more.

Written sessions are recommended for clients who are looking for short answers to their straightforward questions. I also recommend that only repeat clients select this option, however this is not required. Interactive sessions recommended for all other situations.

Ready to book? Checkout here, and then I will email you for your questions and photo.

2 Question - $31 USD

5 Question - $56 USD