Sentient Beings

ancient methods applied in a modern world


a vessel for which animals communicate through


Language is only one way of communicating.  Animal communication is fully integrated into my way of life, and I believe it should be integrated for all the animals of the world, including humans.   This wisdom is within us all, and I have chosen to dedicate myself to this knowledge and practice in service to our animal friends.  Using ancient methods applied in our modern world, I am an intuitive vessel for which the animals can communicate through.  I feel honored that the universe and momentous teachers have educated me in this way of life: speaking to the raven who pays me a visit during a hike, listening to the ailments of a dying horse, discovering what's bothering an anxiety-ridden dog, connecting with beloved companions who have crossed the rainbow bridge, and so much more.


Between 2014-2017, I completed levels I, II, III & beyond at Angelic Shamanism at Spirit Awakenings.   I have been an assistant for Level 1 & 2, where I assisted students in learning about angelic shamanism and through their individual journey.   Wind Walker & Allison Holley are also teachers whom I have studied with. 

I completed the Professional Animal Communicator Program at The Lightfoot Way in 2016.  I have also completed the 5 day intensive course for an Animal Wellness Coach Certification at The LightFoot Way, where I was educated in animal communication, Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA), Bach flower essences, aromatherapy, muscle testing, animal nutrition, crystal therapy, color therapy and EFT tapping. In 2018, I became an instructor for The Lightfoot Way, certified to teach their 1 day class in Animal Communication .

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

- Gandhi


In 2017, I stepped out of my comfort zone and did my first live reading in front of an audience.  Thank you Soul Camp  for providing the support, love and avenue for which I could share my true self. In 2018, I taught an intro to animal communication class to 55 people at Soul Camp East.

I have communicated with over 600 animals professionally since 2013, in topics such as behavior, health, locating lost animals, end of life decisions, selecting a new animal family member and in spirit connections.  My past clients range from farm animals, companion animals (pets), performance animals (show horses, agility dogs, etc) and wildlife.  Although I am physically located in one place, all of my work is currently completed remotely as spirit can connect anywhere.



I will always view myself as a student of life.  I believe that a lifelong desire to learn and share is necessary to grow.  Naturally, I'm a private individual who identifies as an INFP personality type and as a HSP.  I like my quiet evenings sitting by the fire under a dark starry sky, where I can enjoy the company of my loved ones.  I enjoy camping, skiing, weight-lifting, traveling and eating fine chocolate with Belgian beer.  I live in the Denver, CO area with an amazing man, 3 snuggly cats and a goofy yellow lab.

I choose dichotomous professional work where I utilize both my mind and my heart. One side nerd and the other woo-woo lady. My formal education is in engineering and data analysis, whereas my lifelong learning is in the things we cannot see, but feel. I enjoy working in both fields and honor their place in this world.


Join me on social media ( Instagram & Facebook ) and subscribe to my blog to connect with me.  I look forward to meeting all of you.  Thank you for including me in the life & soul journey of your animals.