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This is my first post since I returned from my summer hiatus, thus I first want to say HELLO! So glad to connect with you all once again now that I have settled in my new home state of Colorado.

This blog post is inspired by my time at Soul Camp East where I had a transformative, profound and enlightening experience.  Some of you who read this blog met me for the first time there. The people who showed up with their hearts and physical beings at Soul Camp were extraordinary and I thank them for being present.

My bunkmates <3

My bunkmates <3

On top of an amazing lineup of classes and events, there was a talent show on the second to last night.  With much encouragement, I decided to make my first step in becoming more public with my animal communication skills by stepping on stage and doing my first live reading.  To be honest, I was terrified.  I thought I might freeze on stage and  wet my pants in front of 100 people.  For those of you who know me personally, you know that I am a private person and only share my animal communication skills through word-of-mouth.  For me to put my stage-anxiety aside that night was a big step in my life.  I really appreciate all of you who supported me and sent me a "swoosh" of love.

In-Spirit Live Reading with  Julian DeVoe 's shamanic drumming

In-Spirit Live Reading with Julian DeVoe's shamanic drumming

The next day was a whirlwind. So many people approached me to ask questions (yay!) and to request readings (double yay!).  I cannot explain thoroughly enough how thrilled I am that so many people were open to hearing their animals in this way.  One of the most memorable comments came from a woman around my age, who eerily reminded me of myself years ago.  She mentioned that she was skeptical when I first stepped on stage.  However, in the moments that followed, I brought her to a point where she could not deny "it".  She mentioned it felt real, authentic and magical.


This brings me to the last part of this post - the structure change in services.  If you visit my services page now, you'll see that the sessions are now offered in two formats: written and interactive sessions.  Interactive sessions will be held on the phone, and written sessions will be only through email communications. I created two structures of sessions to accommodate the wide range of requests I have been getting, so I hope you find a session type that suites you well.  Please take a look around and let me know what you think! I look forward to you all joining me!