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The Queens and I

For the last 3 nights, my dreams have been extremely vivid, speaking to me about the future while referencing the past.

How do your dreams relate to you?


Three nights ago, Bailey came to me. Some of you may remember me mentioning her as she is my beloved psychic feline who passed as a result of my 2016 house fire. When she was alive, she loved to dance with me as I hummed "Shall We Dance" from the King and I (video attached). I would literally (attempt to) ball room dance in the bedroom by twirling around and keeping rhythm with a box step while she sat gently in my arms. I would rest my cheek on her back with my nose nuzzled in her fur. It's one of my fondest memories of her, and she brought it back to me so brightly in my dream. It felt real.

Two nights ago, I had several sweet memories flood through my dreams about my paternal grandmother who passed a few months ago. Baking peanut butter cookies, making my own paint by rubbing rocks and painting her face with it, playing airplane with her feet (she also liked the exercise) and holiday traditions. I awoke from my dream to feeling her continued presence. Then, later in the day when running an errand, she came to me again when an Oldsmobile Bravada (her car model from about 10 years ago) stopped in front of me at a stop light. I haven't seen one of those in many many years. I whispered, "Hi Grandma." as a tear dropped from my cheek.


Last night, Bailey came to me again. Despite being an indoor cat in her life with me, she was in my dream, sitting outside my previous home on a table by a fence. She let me pick her up to hold her tight and I remembered what she felt like in my arms. I hadn't thought about her luxurious fur, her rosey smell and her weight laying flexibly in my arms in awhile. As I looked down at her, realizing I was in a dream, she transformed into Asti, my astral manx feline who lives with me now. They are both frequent celestial travelers. It brought me to tears, not only as I write this, but also in my dream.

These dreams came in a set of 3, which to me symbolizes "Pay Attention!". I needed a reminder to let myself feel these moments again, despite the pain associated with the loss I feel. Thank you, "The Queens” (Grandmother and Bailey). Thank you, Universe.

We all have our humanness to experience. The animals want to help us. So do our ancestors.

Let’s let them help us.