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Podcast Review: Spirits of Our Beloved Pets by Happy Healthy You

I occasionally peruse iTunes podcasts by keyword searches.  I happened upon Happy Healthy You awhile ago, while searching for pet-related topics.  Glad I did!  Happy Healthy You is a podcast covering how to live a joy-filled life with balance in body, mind and spirit. I downloaded a few of the podcasts on iTunes, but the one I am reviewing is Spirits of our Beloved Pets published on December 26, 2014.

Connie Bowman, the host, interviews Karen Wrigley about how she became an animal communicator, her stories with previous clients, and the basics of what animal communication is.  Karen is based near Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.  She explored animal communication on her own without any formal training, starting in 1998 and growing ever since then as a professional communicator.  She shared two stories with listeners, including one about a epileptic dog.  Karen helped the dog by discovering he only had seizures in a certain location, so once the permanent home of the dog changed, the seizures stopped immediately.  What a wonderful experience!  Karen also shared with listeners the wisdom given to her from her communications; animals are here to teach us that we all can be happy.

Who should listen to this podcast?  People who are new to animal communication or have never heard of it before.

Where can you listen to this podcast? Find it on iTunes or Connie's website.